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Barrique Cellar


Aging great red wines to maturity

One of the Stone Cellar’s porphyry-walled chambers, 50 metres long and 7 metres wide, holds over one hundred small oak barrels (or “barriques”), in which the winery’s dark, tannin-rich red wines are aged for 15-20 months. Over this period, the wine develops and matures: The tannins are slowly refined, becoming soft, round and velvety. Meanwhile, other essential aspects are absorbed from the oak barrel itself, changing the wine’s bouquet and flavour, among them smoky, balsamic and vanilla elements.

In 2004/2005, an additional 350 square metres were created for further barrel storage, primarily of 500 litre and other large wooden barrels. As a consequence of these renovations, a large amount of space was freed up in the porphyry gallery; this area is to be used for shooting films and holding exhibitions, lending a modern air to the traditional roots of South Tyrolean wine cultivation.

Cellar Technology


Elegance and clarity through modern technology

In Laimburg Province’s Winery’s state-of-the-art cellar, pressed grape must is fermented in high-grade stainless steel tanks ranging from 10 to 80 hectolitres in size. The process is carefully monitored and controlled using an elaborate refrigeration system in conjunction with other technical equipment, which allows for optimal extraction of colour and tannins from the grape skins as well as a broader aroma spectrum. While some of the young wine is transferred into wood barrels for aging, a good portion remains in these vessels, where it is allowed to mature before bottling. Most all white and Rosé wines, and even certain reds are vinified entirely in stainless steel for maximum elegance and clarity.


The white wine cellar


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