The barrique cellar

Aging and refinement of the great red wines

In the tunnels blasted out of the porphyry rock, 50 meters long and 7 meters wide, there are more than a hundred small oak barrels in which mainly the wines of the Manor selection are stored for 15-20 months. During this period of storage, the wines are matured and refined: The tannins change and become soft, round and velvety. The extraction of the tannins from the oak also changes the aroma and flavor spectrum of the wine: additional smoky, balsamic and vanilla-like aromas emerge.


The stainless steel cellar

Elegance and clear profile in the white and rosé wines

In stainless steel tanks from 10 hl to 80 hl capacity, the grape musts are fermented and the wines are later also partially stored. The fermentation intensity is influenced by a cooling system and other technical equipment. This controlled fermentation makes it possible to optimally extract color and tannins from the berry skins and to expand the wine’s aroma spectrum. The white and rosé wines, as well as red wines to be drunk young, mature almost exclusively in stainless steel tanks.