A cellar hewn into the living rock

In the realm of the senses

When Laimburg Winery was faced with the need to create additional space for storing its barrels and wine bottles in the late 1980s, an extension into the red porphyry rock of the adjacent Monte di Mezzo presented itself. With the force of five tons of dynamite, a barrique barrel cellar and a cellar for storing bottles at a naturally constant room temperature of about 14 °C were created in the red-brown porphyry rock. In addition, another 300 m² hall was blasted out of the rock. The hall serves as a tasting room, for the presentation of Alto Adige as a wine country on official and institutional occasions. In 2003 and 2005, the cellar was expanded by 6,000 m³ with the new barrique barrel cellar, the white wine cellar and connecting tunnels.

The idea for the rock cellar came from the former director of the Laimburg estate administration and oenologist Klaus Platter, who implemented and designed it on behalf of the former governor of many years, Luis Durnwalder, together with the Bolzano geometer Nori Gruber. In addition to the wine, the rock cellar also houses various artistic exhibits and design elements, as well as archaeological finds that were made at the Laimburg site.

Our wine archive

Laimburg wines in comparison

In order to observe the development of Laimburg wines over the years, about 100 bottles of each wine are stored annually in the wine archive with its naturally constant room temperature. Furthermore, wines from the most important wine-growing regions of the world are collected there in order to test the level of Alto Adige wines in comparative tastings. Finally, the wine archive also serves as storage for the wines from the experimental cellar of the Laimburg Research Centre.

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